Thursday, August 12, 2004

Too much excitement. Karen and Steph wait for the crabs . . . Posted by Hello

Two mallets. 24 crabs. Go. Posted by Hello

One crab down. Posted by Hello

About five crabs down . . . Posted by Hello

2 crabs down. Posted by Hello

The crabs lost the good fight. Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

No, the seasoned salt is hot. Really. It makes you look edgy. Like you're not afraid of death. That's sexy. Don't look at that pile of crabs watching us. It's just you and me. That's right. Look into my eyes. Do you mind if I take my left claw and touch you? Is that OK?Posted by Hello

Crab love dance Posted by Hello

Crab Porn Posted by Hello

You were great. Yeah, I was. Posted by Hello

Crab Porn Posted by Hello

Crab Porn Posted by Hello

I need you to leave. No, I don't need your phone number. No, I don't want to get breakfast. No, you can't take a shower. How about you leave? Huh, can you leave? DON'T PINCH ME, A**HOLE!!! Posted by Hello

Love hurts Posted by Hello

Not helping productivity Posted by Hello

Working from home has its challenges. Namely, a cat named Aslan who sometimes demands to be held. Posted by Hello

A little evil Posted by Hello

Evil. Posted by Hello

Because he can. Posted by Hello